Prairie Spirit Band Members

Carol Holizki

Carol uses her musical talent on more than one instrument in the band. Besides vocals, playing guitar and keyboard, she also has written some of the songs the group preforms. The ukulele has been added to her list of instruments.

Tom Kurtz

Tom plays rhythm guitar and sings. One of the original members along with Carol and Bob, Tom grew up in west Regina and attended Luther college high school.

Garth Ruecker

Garth adds his great singing voice to the band. Along with Carol and Stacey, he has written lyrics and music for the band. He also plays a great cowbell.

Jim Westman

Jim has changed places in the band. He had been working in the background for many years as a technical advisor and a webpage producer. Pastor Bob's old bass guitar was leaning against the wall in the band's equipment room so Jim thought he would take it home and learn how to play bass. "One of the reasons I am in this band is because of Pastor Bob. He was a friend and he is my inspiration."

Carlton Larsen

Carlton brings to the band the ability of playing many instruments. Besides guitar Carlton plays banjo, mandolin and dobro.

Past Members

Pastor Bob
Bob Leeson

Pastor Bob one of the founding members sang, and played bass guitar. Rest in peace, Bob.

Neil Berg

Neil passed away in Saskatoon on July 20th 2014. Neil was a bass player and vocalist and a member of the Prairie Spirit Band for a very short time. His singing and playing ability and his time with the band is greatly appreciated by the band members. Our condolences to his wife Lillian and their two children.

Doug Sheperd
Doug Shepherd

Doug is a retired Pastor from Central Lutheran Church in Moose Jaw. He plays guitar, harmonica and mandolin and sings. He is a Padre of Branch 59 of Canadian Legion in Moose Jaw. Part of an Irish Pub Band called Desperate for Haiggus. Doug also leads a monthly Gospel service at The Church of our Lady also in Moose Jaw.

In The Begining

1984 - Carol, Bob and Tom started a band named The Guitar Club.

1987 - Lonnie Benson joined the group and they chose the name Christ Folk . He played guitar, mandolin and keyboard, until he was transferred to Saskatoon.

1994 - Phil Lowery joined the band as drummer. The name was changed to Prairie Spirit, and Garth was asked to join.

1997 - Phil Trylinski became the new drummer.

2001 - Stacey joined as keyboard player.

2009 - Al joined as keyboard player in January after Stacey left in fall of 2008.

2012 - Margaret Roth joined as keyboard player in November.

2013 - Neil Berg joined as bass player and vocalist in December.

2014 - Doug Shepherd joined as guitar player and vocalist in January.

2015 - Jim Westman joined the band as a bass player in February.

2016 - Margaret resigns from the band as piano player in January.

2018 - Carlton Larsen joined the band in February as a vocalist and plays multiple instruments.

2019 - Doug Shepherd resigns from the band as guitar player and vocalist in March.